Breakfast — And a Wedding — at Tiffany’s

Love it Love it..My favorite flick of all time..Reblogged 🙂

I Just Want It To Be Perfect

So we’ve talked aboutfantasy sports weddingsand those based on, shall we say, less-than-realistic teen novels, but what about another kind of fantasy: movies?

Hollywood wants us to think that movies are the ultimate fantasy, and in many ways they are — they’re escapist fare that lets us imagine ourselves as a superhero, a romantic lead, an unappreciated artistic genius …. or a maybe-call girl with a great hairdo and the best breakfast spot in New York. Yes, I’m talking about everyone’s favorite Givenchy-clad socialite: Holly Golightly.

With theplay opening in New Yorknext week, there’s sure to be a resurgence of popularity of the movie, and more specifically, the character (although can something reappear if it never really vanishes?).

It seems like many young women these days go through their Holly-idolizing stage — my daughter certainly has had her moments of wishing it was still fashionable…

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