Not just a photograph: A Final Embrace

Not just a photograph

This picture was shared to me by a friend and can’t agree more that it brings out most extreme emotions out of me.

This photograph is given the name of ‘A Final Embrace’ was taken by a Bangladeshi photographer Taslima Akhter after the tragic collapse of a garment factory building in Savar, near Dhaka, Bangladesh happened in April 2013.  Along them died more than 750 people.

In this picture I don’t feel sympathetic towards the victims as they seem contented in dying in each other’s arms.  The facial expression of the man seems so relieved like he has no complaints from anyone in this world as this world has not given him much. They lived a deprived life but there seems no dearth of compassion between the victims here.

This incident raises some serious questions to the authorities who thinks they rule the lives of people. Is a life of any human that cheap? Over 750 people died, and not due to some natural calamity but sheer human negligence. This incident could have been avoided but since the lives of poor are too cheap that nobody even bothered of those souls working there.

This photograph also questions my philosophical side. If such an incident is overlooked or avoided for any discussion, then we all need to relook or revisit ourselves to ask are we humans? And if yes, what makes a human?

11 thoughts on “Not just a photograph: A Final Embrace”

    1. Hi, I read your wonderful post.. Well I can identify with your feelings as after reading books on holocaust and visiting Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Krakow shook me head to toe. And what was done to Jews cannot be discussed in such simplified manner. Thanks for visiting!! I hope you visit again.

    2. Thanks for the acknowledgment .. The Auschwitz Concentration Camp can shook anyone and can be considered as the most horrible evil deed ever in life of humanity.
      I have a Polish girl as pan friend on facebook and she told me that they still do not like to interact with the German people because of such history. But eventually this feeling has to go away if people have to learn to truly understand each other.
      While working in an university at Switzerland, I found this new culture developing among new generation students where people from different countries and cultures are coming together and mixing up. There I met a Polish guy with lot of German friends. I, myself, had dinner with some Pakistani students. We have to learn to let go of what happened in past at some point for the sake of a better future.
      The light of hope for humanity is still strong 🙂

      PS: I tried contacting you on fb .. may be you do not use it that often?

  1. The path to humanity has become bleak or melancholy, as mankind evolves, man is going closer towards materialism, corruption, and other manmade treasures.
    Love, hope, faith which completes or makes humanity has becomes a thing of the past or even extinct.

  2. People get what they get. What they deserve has nothing to do with it. Tragedies has always been part of life. Better accept it.

    They willl say so, they always say so.

    But this is not acceptable. Better not accept it. This is not a tragedy this is a crime. These people must be punished for their crime.

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