Need some more Sunshine !!!


Another blogger award has come my way.  I really don’t know how significant these awards are but they sound too cute and encouraging. So I want more and more. I have been nominated for Sunshine Award by talented Sunil Sebastian.  You can find link to his blog here.  I find his blog very informative.

Quick rules of Sunshine Award:

  • Post the Sunshine Award logo on your blog
  • Nominate 10 fellow bloggers
  • Announce their nomination in their blog’s comment section
  • Mention links back to their blog.
  • Answer the questions.  This is designed to help people get to know you better.

Next is to answer some jiffy questions

1. Favorite color: Black

2. Favorite animal: I am an animal lover but since I have a dog so yes a dog.

3. Favorite number: None actually, all works for me on a good day.

4. Favorite Non-Alcoholic drink: Hot Chocolate

5. Favorite Alcoholic drink: Vodka

6. Favorite Facebook or twitter: None.

7. My Passions: Travel and Books

8. Giving or receiving gifts: I’ll be honest. I like receiving them.

9. Favorite city: Prague, Czech Republic

10. Favorite TV show: I don’t get time to watch TV much but I was crazy about Grey’s Anatomy.

My 10 nominations for the Sunshine Award. (A popular travel blog, love the girly spirit of the blogger) (I love poems. And so this blog is my one stop for  classic poems of all times.) (Variety of subjects) (Everything you want to know about Vienna) (Amazing poems by Kavita) (Very thoughtful blog-social issues, poems, touchy short stories. Inspiring as well.) (Interesting topics. Interesting writings) (Variety of writings. Although on break right now.) (Everyday life very amusingly written) (Nicely written poems)


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