Faux Pas in movie theaters

Have you ever been a victim of people’s lack of knowledge of etiquettes in a cinema hall while you are watching an entertaining flick (which is quite rare these days!!). I went for a movie today and hell, the presence of certain disturbing elements there was absolutely intolerable and since we belong to civilized society we can’t do anything much about it. Some common faux pas committed by people that should be looked upon to avoid glaring eyes and unwanted attention.

Crying or shouting kids: Call me sadist but kids below 10 should be banned from the movie theaters. Nothing is more irritating than a wailing child, I once shouted really bad at a child (only he was too far to hear it).

Ringing of or Speaking on phone: I understand that some people watching the movie could be some busy hotshots but least they can do is to put their phone on SILENT mode. Ringing of cellular phones with cacophonous ringtones is very disturbing. And more annoying is the part when the person who owns it actually picks the call and talks loud !!

Taking advantage of darkness: Thinking that it is dark and nobody can see you is a big misconception, We can definitely hear your oohs and ahas. I am sure you are totally in love but I haven’t paid to witness your public display of affection, get yourself a room !!!

Throwing the dialogues: Yes I have seen that. And it is so cheap when some people actually shout the dialogue before the actor even starts. Just because you have seen the movie twice or thrice doesn’t make you Leonardo Di Caprio.  So shut up and let me hear him.

Arriving late: Just because it’s an entertainment activity doesn’t mean you don’t have to be on time. Imagine you totally engrossed in the movie and suddenly somebody disturbs you in between asking you to give them the way to take their seat.  But it doesn’t end there they’ll come back again saying excuse me because they came to the wrong row. And worse is when they step on your toe.!! Once a lady with heels stepped on my foot and I was left cursing her for rest of the movie.

Throwing Popcorns: It was fun when I was 8 year old but now if I get popcorns from back while I’m holding up my emotions is very very pesky. Eat your corns, do not waste them as you have paid for it. And I for the movie.

Stretching your legs: I once went for a horror flick and I was very much into it like shit scary and suddenly I saw a disfigured hairy foot on the arm of my seat. I screamed. Plus it was stinky. I hit the foot twice to make the person realize of contempt. There is nothing bad in stretching your limbs but atleast don’t do it on somebody.

There are other trivial elements which people either deliberately or unknowingly do which cause disruptions in cinema hall.   But I think people should learn about etiquettes in different social settings to avoid any discomfort for others.

11 thoughts on “Faux Pas in movie theaters”

  1. It’ such a put off when mobile fones keep flashing while watching a movie and the murmuring n all. People need to be educated on etiquetted while watching a flick.

    1. Jeez you have patience 🙂 If there is a good movie releasing I can’t wait to watch it. Such elements don’t impede my excitement to watch it. But it’s irking.

    2. Since long time I have this idea in my mind. Can I just buy a handy projector (the ones used in conference halls for power point slides) and create my own home theater? What do you guys think about it? Then you wont have to worry about all the crazy people.

    3. Gotchha !

      I have to do some research and choose what to buy carefully. Anyone with any ideas/experience with the projectors? May be I should write a blog on that so as to attract suggestions from bloggers around the world 🙂

  2. I know where you’re coming from. We used to love the cinema and see many many movies. But the behaviour of some adults has really put us off. We sit in the close up aisle where there are no seats behind us just so no one can talk behind us or put there feet on my seat. Their dirty shoes in my long hair is more than I can take. I once ‘shushed’ two elderly ladies who continued their conversation loudly for the first 5 minutes of the movie and got a totally dirty, irate look back from them. I thought, REALLY? At your age you should know better and use manners. People have a sense of entitlement that stuns me at times. We try to see more arthouse movies as the cinema goers to those are there for the love of film and know how to enjoy it.

    1. Talking is a big No-No unless the movie is really crappy..I too enjoy art cinemas and parallel cinema may be the sophisticated and serious audience there has made me bit intolerant of the audience in a commercial movie as I expect the similar discipline. 🙂

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