Sufism: Reaching the Divine

If somebody would ask me do you believe in God, I would say Yes. If somebody would ask me do you celebrate God, my answer would be No. I only celebrate Love as I believe God lies where there is Love. The parallel I’m trying to draw here between God and Love is to concrete my belief that it is only ‘Sufism’ that truly celebrates God in its most divine form.

What is Sufism? It is certainly originated from Islam but the way it directs a soul towards divinity by cleansing the heart, repairing it from all sins and dedicate it to love that brings one closer to God. Sufism has given birth to many famous poets viz. Rumi who was called the Qutb, the pillar of love; Gilani was called the pole of power and Ibn Arabi was of knowledge.

There are many sayings/teachings of Sufis which if read would reflect a deep sense of our existence. One of them and my favorite is Sohbet. Sohbet can be understood as a spiritual conversation to cleanse the soul and a meeting of the hearts.  Sufis says that there are three ways of being with the God: i. prayer, then a step ahead is ii. meditation and then the ultimate stage is iii. conversation, this mystical exchange is called Sohbet.

Similarly, Zikr, a spiritual ceremony of remembering God involves silence, meditation, whirling dances and chants. This ceremony opens the hearts of the seekers to transmit the love and compassion in the most purest form.

I conclude this post with a poem that celebrates Sufism for enlightening the wandered souls over the centuries (I’m afraid I am unaware of the writer).



Upon his soul marked the wing of heart.

The reed plays a note and the ancient drum beats.

His arms rise spread wide.

His smiling forehear bathed in light.

He dances through the primitive,

through the ancient,

through the contemporary

into the Real.

Beyond he whirls ecstatic…

His lips shape the heart’s petal sounding…


Hu, the Sufi call to Allah!

He whirls with opened heart, sober, balanced

and free.


14 thoughts on “Sufism: Reaching the Divine”

  1. “He dances through the primitive,
    through the ancient,
    through the contemporary
    into the Real.”

    Excellent! Your words reverberate through the soul with an everlasting touch of sublimity. Was a soothing read this one. 🙂

    1. And your words are too kind.

      I wish I had people in my daily life to converse with such deep thoughts that rejuvenate the soul time and again.

    2. You know I was just checking your page and you have such a nice soulful music there. May be your comment just got real 🙂

  2. The very act of reading Sufism soothes the mind, brings energy in our surrounding and calm the nerved. Sufism is spiritual berries. I love sufism and you so beautifully sum it, do not celebrate God. So true, many of us confuse religion with spirituality. I am not a believer but believe in spiritual teachings:)
    Cheers A Mittal

    1. I second you on the point where people confuse religion and spirituality. Thank you for getting the whole crux of it 🙂

    2. Entirely my pleasure in reading such stuffs..I so love reading your thoughts and it’ something I really enjoy on spirituality. I had philosophy as a general paper at Fergusson College, Pune and my teacher was brilliant. He made me love the subject:)

  3. Sufism … at first I read it as Surfism 😀 .. lol that would have made much sense if you are writing about surfism .. but later I realized its not Surfism .. its Sufism!! .. Never imagined you as someone too much into God and spiritual stuff.

    Do you feel closer to a greater power when you travel to different places? I can relate the same feelings with all those who travel to somewhat holy places … like “Vaishno mata wali choti”, “Badrinath-Kedarnath”, chaar dhaam yatra, famous mecca-madeena (with huge no of people travelling) etc.

    Can travelling be related to being spiritual?

    I am not spiritual myself but at some of the places I felt the presence of some higher power.

    1. I have travelled to these places but not because I am religious but because I wanted to travel to these places.

      I don’t think I am religious like I don’t pray, I don’t know any mantras , it’s a task to drag me to a temple. So it is not about godliness basically it’s more about realizing your existence. What is God , It’s you and me. We make or break this world.

      And as far as traveling is concerned, I agree with you that somewhere traveling connects one with oneself. Like when I’m traveling alone I think a lot and that makes me take more correct or rather righteous steps when I am back to routine.

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