Timing is Everything

“A stone thrown at the right time is better than gold given at the wrong time”

Lesson learnt today – Time is precious, once gone never comes back.

Having said that it applies to both good and bad situations. Lets talk about the bad phases. Why is that sometimes we just miss the timing to react on a bad situation? Like it happens with me a lot of times when something inappropriate happens, sometimes my mind just holds me back to respond. And I am left burnt as to why I did not say anything at that very moment when I am not even at fault. I don’t know what is it that holds me back at such situations may be the thought that my response may cause some ruckus. But whatever that bitter feeling of not reacting on time keeps eating me from within. And if at all I decide to take my stand later on it’s not worth it as the damage has already been done and any delayed reaction will not repair it.

Some incidents happens in life to teach us something important. And it’s on us how we take it (and that is Lesson #2).

This importance of time is even applicable to situations when sometimes we have to take certain pivotal decisions of life but we somehow dissuade from it. Later we regret of not taking any call on those at that time. I think we all have faced such moments in our life whether it’s taking up a life changing job offer or a business decision or even expressing your love to someone. But once that very moment is gone it never comes back.

So, important message of life to me today – React on right time rather than burning yourself.

17 thoughts on “Timing is Everything”

  1. My parents always reminds me of how I used to make them mad, when I was a little kid, by saying ” pehle to ho chuka” (” its already done”) … and nothing can undo it.

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