Black as Night, Sweet as Sin


Ever wondered why all thoughtful and intelligent conversations happen over a cup of coffee and not any other beverage?

India, traditionally is (or rather was!!) a tea drinking country but thanks to the economic boom for bestowing hectic work hours, coffee is now catching up fast as a  preferred drink mostly among youth and white collar workers. I was at Starbucks today and watching those young people swarming the place, it struck me that it’s kind of bizarre or at least a trend to note that how coffee can become an excuse for a casual meeting.  Some often used expressions these days are ‘let’s catch up over a cup of coffee‘ or ‘You owe me a cup of coffee’ or ‘oh! why don’t we meet at some coffee place‘.  Even when I’m meeting a guy, I’m expecting a quite obvious and weary line to seek attention ‘Just one cup of coffee is what I’m asking for‘.  Like ‘Coffee’ has a solution for everything.  And tea still elite is losing its sheen at least among young people.  But these days you would rarely come across somebody who would say ‘Hey let’s meet up for high tea‘. I haven’t heard this in long time now.

Coffee undoubtedly is a magical drink as it lights up your brain and suddenly the most buffoon person will also sound like Einstein. How many of us could not imagine kicking the mornings without a coffee? When my friends and I meet up for a coffee, the conversations we exchange are definitely more constructive and intense. And some memorable moments for sure. Seems there is certainly something special in those dark cocoa beans which get along well with people in any mood.  And that’s why Neil Gaiman rightly said “Black as night, sweet as sin” as it’s too complex to understand the very nature of coffee so just enjoy your cup of Kaffe.

12 thoughts on “Black as Night, Sweet as Sin”

  1. Lovely post, Aditi:) I do wake up with coffee and it’s a time to make things work as it is a good stimulus to work. I used to spend the whole day at Barista at one point in life. Certainly, coffee has written many love stories. Howz the Starbucks in India, btw?

    1. Starbucks in Delhi is quite near to my work place and since it’s only one store in the city it is always crowded but a nice place to hang out. And for coffee :))

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  3. I’m a bit of a coffee fiend and rarely choose tea unless the person I’m socializing with is making it in their own home. I try and limit myself to only a couple of Starbucks a week as I choose the ‘Skinny Latte Tall’ which is 3.50 here, but the other day when I was out all day then again in the evening I actually was at Starbucks twice in one day, LOL How much is a Starbucks in your home town? I like that you can travel the world and have the same coffee as at home. I’ve had Starbucks while enjoying Eiffel and then while shopping in London too, that’s handy. Thanks for following my blog too, cheers.

  4. I don’t stick to Starbucks, we have only few outlets in India as we have our own home grown chains that are more visible and offer the similar coffee in lesser price 🙂 (a tall cappuccino is about US$2.50 here). But it’s a treat to have it once in a while 🙂

    I am sure you had some wonderful coffee moments while you traveled around the world. 🙂

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