A Bundle of Joy

I have this thing, I like taking pictures of kids – familiar or unfamiliar. It gives me joy. So let me present you some faces that will relax you from your tiring Monday and bring a soft smile on your face.

That’s my super cute niece – Vanya.ย  She is a fashionista at the age of 2.5 years.


This baby is my colleague’s son. He is less than an year old and is called Noah.


This beautiful lady is again a niece – Saanvi. Super cute, super naughty and a tomboy.ย  Talks like a boy.


As you can figure it out, these Ladakhi kids are twins. You can’t resist taking a photograph of them. Boy is called Jigayel bit grumpy right now in this picture ๐Ÿ™‚ and the girl is called Mila, ย all chirpy and happy.ย  They are my colleague’s kids.


Another kid from the family.ย  He is my nephew and I am afraid to say I forgot his name. Shame. Actually it’s a bit tongue twister and I have seen him just twice but Jesus how can I forget his name.


This is recent from last Friday, a colleague got her 7 months old son – Samyukth to the office. He was such a joy to have. Playful kid.


And this is from today. I commute by local trains and today I met this not so privileged kid looked quite sick and bitten by mosquitoes. He is just 15 days old and was made to travel in harsh conditions. He doesn’t even have a name yet. I was filled with pathos. But what a face :-).



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