Fahrenheit 451: A Book Review

fahrenheit_451 Did you know that the paper burns at 451°F ?

I got to know this only after reading Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. The synopsis of this book will make any book lover to pick a copy of it. Why? Imagine your life without any books or even a magazine. I know it’s a sort of nightmare for somebody who eats, drinks, sleep on books and will carry one even if he or she isn’t reading it. This fiction book projects the future of the American society where books or any sort of reading material is forbidden and any house found in possession of them is burnt down by firemen. They even burn down a house with a woman who refuses to leave her home for her sheer love for books.

The protagonist of the plot – Guy Montag is also a fireman and has been a party to the team that burn down the houses with books in the first half but the character witnesses a turn around in the second half where he grows connection with the books. He starts seeking pleasure in them. But along with that the wrath of his own team who starts chasing him down for betrayal and possession of books.

I found this book slightly depressing but it does leave you with a pensive thought. The author compares Humans with the legendary Phoenix that how latter got destroyed in ashes and soared again. Similarly, humans are also a part of vicious cycle. We have a tendency to make mistakes but we also have the ability to remember them and not to repeat our old mistakes but how many of us follow that?

However my imagination takes me to another direction how I was to survive if there actually was a law to burn down books !!

13 thoughts on “Fahrenheit 451: A Book Review”

  1. Here are some ideas to survive book apocalypse.
    • Books to be written with special ink which can be seen only in ultra violet light.
    • Memories all content (its impossible to do it but if you can I would surely gift you another book)
    • Adapt all books to movies.
    • Use an E-reader.
    Now that I read these ideas again all seem wacky 🙂

    1. Books will still remain books no matter how much technology overpower our lives. Ever wondered how vinly records, audio cassettes, floppy etc have faced their doom but not books. It’s only books which are not replaced by anything new (sure people have tried e-readers).

    2. Books are like close friends and a vital part of one’s life, people have more sentimental value towards their books rather than a music CD. But if the law of burning is imposed in this modern day era, which is highly impossible, then some new invention might replace books or some of my wacky ideas might come in handy 🙂

  2. A great dystopian classic. This and 1984 really changed my way of thinking about the importance of uncensored reading.

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