And the dilemma persists…

Why can’t life be simple. Why do we have to take decisions. Why do we fall into a charade of to-do or not-to-do.

These are some questions I am looking the answers for. More than the inability to take decisions this post is more on the never ending dilemmas in life. Of late I have been experiencing perplexities in certain areas of my life, the decision of which can not be taken in one yes or no. Today with much thought on my current situation I tried to identify the factors that leads to confused state of mind:

1. Options/Choices: More options leads to more confusion. You keep hopping from one option to another without leading to any final destination. If you have only one way to follow you would not be bothered about anything better.

2. Desires: More is better. And more is never enough. Somewhere the want of more makes you indecisive as you never would be able to gauge how much more is enough for you.

3. Want of best: A part of desires that always persuade you to close your eyes on a good opportunity only in a want of the best thing. Hence you are always dwindling between the better and best.

4. Too much thinking: We were taught to think and act. I think I took it a bit too seriously. Over thinking crowds your mind, thus the inability to take a call leads to perpetual confusion.

While I am trying to overcome the obstacles that makes me dilemmatic but this is how it is. May be some of you could tell how to rule out the dilemma part.

3 thoughts on “And the dilemma persists…”

  1. Spot on! Aditi! I often face this dilemna and often I wonder what’s the best or the next best option for me. Nowadays, I try to go with the flow but the what ifs always crop up.

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