10 thoughts on “For Egypt and its people”

  1. I’m just so worried about what happens in Egypt. The movement which started on a positive note has don eonly more damage to the nation and its people. Only some supernatural power can restore peace in the ancient land. I just pray that it happens soon.

    1. Feelings are mutual. I am not ready to believe that in a big country like Egypt not a single democratic leader can be found may be they are not used to of seeing democracy hence even Morsi went wrong. Well look at the irony we even a biggest democracy are not happy with the people above us but we are just tolerating them since we have a power to vote.

    1. Yes it is very unfortunate to see Egypt and even Turkey like that. I wish this massacre on Aug 16th brings some realisation on people and authorities. Although I feel people are so courageous there ready to die for their country.

  2. I guess the priority is peace for that region, which will surely attract democracy.
    There’s a popular buzz phrase “Religion of peace”, however the demand of time is that for now religion can take a back seat so that peace can lead, religion & the region towards democracy. Amen!

    1. So true…but more than religion the problem here is lust for power…I hope the region settles down soon and people get what they want. Amen 🙂

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