There are certain days…

Disclaimer: The purpose of this post is not hatred towards any country but has an underlying compelling issue.

There are certain days when I pray to God to relocate me to some super developed country in a snap of fingers. Today was that day. And you’ll know why.

I often take local train to work and for back home. Like everyday I left from work hurriedly hoping to catch my regular but my legs gave up halfway and I missed my usual train. Ideally the frequencies of these trains should be every 15-20 mins but like it never works this way I waited for 1 whole hour for the damn train. Not that I didn’t have alternate options to go home but since I live about 32-35 Kms away I prefer going by trains. So the combination of heat, staring eyes and the eternal wait was irking me from within. But nothing I could do, I waited, boarded the next train and reached home quite late. I get really bad mood swings when I get back home late as it disrupts my routine. I missed work out too. But in a way I feel relaxed as I get time to watch TV and for blogging.

My experience above is just a quarter of the reason of my prayer for relocation.

I am a very avid follower of politics and current affairs so when I watch news I go really deep into it. I understand that socio economic woes of India is the part and parcel of living in huge democratic and a developing country, so something like that shouldn’t incite me to write on it. Instead I felt baffled when I saw that my neighboring country  China has encroached 640 sq. km. of the eastern most state of India. While all this is happening under the nose of the government, the 1.2 billion people of my country are totally oblivion of the fact that their land is being intruded silently. It’s not been long when the northern most state of India was in the news due to the repetitive intrusion and chaos being caused by another neighbor – Pakistan. The insistent vendetta with China and Pakistan is not an overnight issue, it is there since even the time before my father was born. However I am more perturbed by the inability and the impotency of my government to combat this issue.

I take an interest in knowing about a country through its people so I pick books which are either the memoirs or biographies in the backdrop of socio-civil issues of the countries. This way, I get not only the political history of the country but also the account of the miseries seen by people in those times. Among my favorites are North Korea, Liberia, Israel, Afghanistan, Iran, Europe during Hitler times, Tibet and other countries. Such books burn my heart out and I am left pondering how hard times people of these countries must have seen. Today while watching the news of Chinese intrusion I somehow felt myself in the shoes of those people. And suddenly I started imaging that how lives will be different from now seating in my air-conditioned room than desperately looking for smuggling myself to US. That one hour session of news on Chinese invasion almost convinced me that it’s a deadly situation and I am losing my territory to Chinese slowly.

In the wake of danger I said to my parents “Lets leave this country and go somewhere safe” to which my mom said “And where is that?”

I took a while and assessed I would not want to go from a developing country to another developing country like Brazil or Philippines for that matter that leaves Africa out of the question;  USA although lucrative is quite vulnerable due to its intermittent intervention in the matters of other countries; Gulf or the Middle East would be last on my list; somewhere like Finland or Norway would need physical sustenance which I as a habitant of hot country lacks; Europe sounds good but what will I do there, not easy to get work visa; Australia can be good but migration is not easy…

While I still figure out the safest place for my migration, I make another prayer to give Indian diplomats the grit and wit to solve the issue at their level avoiding the situation where I would have to leave my air-conditioned and peaceful home.

10 thoughts on “There are certain days…”

  1. The Philippines is in the same situation as India, japan and Vietnam. China is encroaching on these countries’ territories, and using their newly acquired economic power to bully smaller countries.

    1. Big countries always look for such opportunities it is on us how we act on it..but since our diplomats are incapable of doing that’s what is my problem.

  2. indeed this is something which needs to addressed urgently…….hope that situation never arises when every young Indian aspires to move to another country leading to an immense brain drain…….

  3. Hey, Aditi! It is irritating when China and Pakistan are taking us for a ride. There is a very weak leadership in India and I guess, we need to do our bit to make India a better place to live. Hehe! Looks like there is no perfect place for us but I feel India is way better than many places. Though there is no harm in staying in another country for a while and I wouldn’t mind Emirates to make some money.

    1. I agree with you on weak leadership haven’t seen this weak government ever .Definitely India is much better than other places and it is because of small pleasures available in this country at small price…but it can be made better only if the leaders want to do so.

  4. Nobody likes to take an initiative or responsibility in this country. Everyone knows what is to be done but simply wont do it. We always want someone else to take initiative and do it. We are not lazy, not sick, not fools but we simply won’t do it even if it is necessary for the nation. Lately, I have this feeling that nobody in this country believe in this country. They will do anything for themselves but not for the nation.
    The whole concept of having nations was to have a sustainable model. But we just want everything for ourselves. People have infinite expectations and don’t want to shell out even a penny for that. For a nation to be a success, its important that people understand what is good for them as well as for the nation as a whole. But in India, people just knows about what is good for them as an individual and nobody gives a damn about the nation.
    Poor governance, lack of sense of responsibility in leadership, corruption in people (not Govt. is corrupt but people are) have killed the faith and trust of people in this country and its growing by the day. I don’t know if the feeling is worldwide among people of other countries as well. But people of this country are now living here just because they do not have an option and they are stuck being born here. They are not living here because they consider it as their mother land.

    1. Although I share your frustration about the whole system of governance in India but I don’t know I still see there is potential in this country only need to push it forward.

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