Just a thought

People say women are difficult. It’s impossible to understand their moods. It’s difficult to predict what they might like or hate. They are confused and clumsy. All true. I agree to all those allegations on females being the most complex creation of Almighty. But that is why they are special and not ordinary, isn’t it? I mean imagine the world without beautiful, chirpy and vivacious females. The men world would be gloomy and empty. But hang on, may be it’s not a male problem but females’ who howsoever independent and bold may become will always remain softies from heart and so there is a constant struggle between two opposite personalities. We are modern women but we still do not like to be taken granted, we still want pampering, we still want men to take care of us but of course in a limit.

I mean is it really that hard to read a woman or the men just don’t try hard? But just a piece of advice women may be little difficult to handle but they are delight if treated properly, so value your lady before she stops valuing you.

15 thoughts on “Just a thought”

  1. Thinking along these lines too. Equally bothered by how much effort it takes for us to assert ourselves and do what we do because it seems everything we do needs some kind of justification–because we’re not men.

    Thinking too about life partners and how, while we are independent and bold and brave, we’re also allowed weakness and being tired, yes?

    1. Men are also soft at heart as soft as a marshmallow and they will go out of their way to impress n take care of the their beloved but at certain point male ego comes into play and it becomes vastly complicated but that can be decoded by understanding a little and praising a little and recognising a little.

    2. The discussion here is just a little need of getting “PAMPERED” and it exists in both males and females, when you talk about feminism or being sexist it is taking the topic to a whole new level. The master and slave scenario is blowing it out of proportion.

    1. Abhi you cant blame any girl on this topic and let me say it is obvious and without any shadow of a doubt that every girl on this planet will feel good if they are pampered. This is not a fiministic overview but reality and Aditi has written the truth. By the way writers are very emotional people who pour their heart out on a piece of paper and Aditi’s blog is sheer brilliance, a magnificently crafted piece of art which is very refreshing to read.
      Sorry Aditi I took the liberty to reply on your behalf to a fellow blogger.

    2. For once I thought you are not like other women .. you are open minded and mature. But alas! my bad .. all of you are feminist.Well I have not been too much into relationship stuff but I have closely observed people of both genders. I concluded that there are people of all kinds in this world and they exist in both sexes. So I would say stop being such gender based bias and start blaming people as individual.
      I am not saying men and women are alike but those differences are not the cause of what you are cribbing about. And with this attitude like “value your lady before she values you” you can only end up being a loner because both men and women (unless dependent) can survive alone. Again not saying it should be only the female who needs to value and men can do whatever they want. But its a fact that you can not clap with only one hand.

    3. I am not cribbing about anything here and to be clear the thing I wrote above can not be classified as an attitude but is written with a certain frame of mind and what I observe around me.

      So I am not a sexist or feminist or whatever fancy word you would like to call me but just human.

    4. @ June: I am not blaming anyone so blaming any girl is out of the question here. If you really want to make it a men vs women discussion then I would like to tell you that both genders tries to seek pleasure (feel good) in their own way. So unless you make it about being faithful, logical and justified we can not have a healthy discussion.
      When you girls talk full of feminism it looks like you are cribbing because you could not get the pleasure while your male partner is having all the fun. Things like “value me or I will leave you” sounds like signing a contract which is not emotional in any way. It just shows both are being mean and the only way this would end up is one being the victim and the other being the master.
      P.S.: I am not taking sides with men or women here. I am just making statements based on logical thinking.

    5. @ Abhi ! The discussion here is just a little need of getting “PAMPERED” and it exists in both males and females, when you talk about feminism or being sexist it is taking the topic to a whole new level. The master and slave scenario is blowing it out of proportion.

  2. Confession: Why women are so difficult to understand. I am not generalizing but I have the feeling.why why? But, love the way you’ve put it, sweet and wonderful Aditi:)

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