Are you being followed?

Phew almost after two weeks. It has been a crazy month for me work wise and is gonna continue like this.  Something made me to check my blog today and honestly it’s not a good feeling to see this Capture, it looks like a beat of a dying heart.  I reckon it becomes like that as your heart gets so stuffed for not writing it out. Anyway.


Have you been stalked ever?

No, I am not being stalked, but I was wondering due to technology available at a tap of finger, it has become so easy to trace anybody, to message anybody if not on Facebook then Watsapp or email. It is ironic in a way that initially you would want to connect with the world but slowly you pull yourself from it as you feel intruded like exactly what I am feeling right now.  You can’t really hide totally, can you? Either you have to get rid of that phone which is a mini computer in itself or just preach social self boycott which is not advisable. I am aware that all these social platforms do offer you self hideout which is okay but what about the mental stigma you go through, you can’t even sue these sites. I so want to get away from these so called social circles at least till the time I require the need for it once again in my life. But right now I am just too loaded and want to leave the spotlight for someone else.






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