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Tuesday teaser

Book – Sliding on the snow stone; Page – 140

He pointed as the eastern horizon. It was rowing shades of red, orange and pink, and there were clouds above us, like giant balls of cotton. There were all racing away from the east as fast as they could.

‘It’s a war zone, You’ll never make it back home. All you can do is come with us, and then one day, when things have settled down, may be you’ll be able to return.’

I am so loaded with work that I am stuck on page 140 of this book.  The last I read are the lines above that contains self explaining intriguing plot. Sliding on the snow stone is written by Andy Szpuk and is a real account of a Ukrainian boy and his family during world war II. It is a heart wrenching display of terrors of Soviet and Nazi rule on small countries like Ukraine.

I have realized that it is not only difficult to keep up with your reading habit with your work but you have to really force yourself sometimes to pursue it. Beyond that I hate the fact that the emotions you build up while going through the most rough times of your characters, suddenly sublimes once you put a pause on reading.  And then it takes a while to revive those sentiments again.  I feel it is important to bring a certain type of emotion while you are reading a book, be it loathe, but if you are not bringing that, then I am afraid you arn’t doing justice to your book.

I hope  to do justice with this one !

Teaser Tuesdays

Okay so I am glad I found something new to post.  Teaser Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by MizB (any book lover would love this blog).  So, all are welcome to participate. Just follow these steps:

  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • And share two teaser sentences from any page.

And as it is quite obvious don’t reveal too much to spoil the book for others. 🙂

Also share the title and author of the book.

My Teasers:

“There seemed to be a similarly lax attitude concerning fornication on the slopes of Everest:even though they paid lip service to the prohibition, more than a few Sherpas made exceptions for their own behavior….”

Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer

P.S. Still reading it, will review the book once I am done. !

Fahrenheit 451: A Book Review

fahrenheit_451 Did you know that the paper burns at 451°F ?

I got to know this only after reading Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. The synopsis of this book will make any book lover to pick a copy of it. Why? Imagine your life without any books or even a magazine. I know it’s a sort of nightmare for somebody who eats, drinks, sleep on books and will carry one even if he or she isn’t reading it. This fiction book projects the future of the American society where books or any sort of reading material is forbidden and any house found in possession of them is burnt down by firemen. They even burn down a house with a woman who refuses to leave her home for her sheer love for books.

The protagonist of the plot – Guy Montag is also a fireman and has been a party to the team that burn down the houses with books in the first half but the character witnesses a turn around in the second half where he grows connection with the books. He starts seeking pleasure in them. But along with that the wrath of his own team who starts chasing him down for betrayal and possession of books.

I found this book slightly depressing but it does leave you with a pensive thought. The author compares Humans with the legendary Phoenix that how latter got destroyed in ashes and soared again. Similarly, humans are also a part of vicious cycle. We have a tendency to make mistakes but we also have the ability to remember them and not to repeat our old mistakes but how many of us follow that?

However my imagination takes me to another direction how I was to survive if there actually was a law to burn down books !!