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Are you being followed?

Phew almost after two weeks. It has been a crazy month for me work wise and is gonna continue like this.  Something made me to check my blog today and honestly it’s not a good feeling to see this Capture, it looks like a beat of a dying heart.  I reckon it becomes like that as your heart gets so stuffed for not writing it out. Anyway.


Have you been stalked ever?

No, I am not being stalked, but I was wondering due to technology available at a tap of finger, it has become so easy to trace anybody, to message anybody if not on Facebook then Watsapp or email. It is ironic in a way that initially you would want to connect with the world but slowly you pull yourself from it as you feel intruded like exactly what I am feeling right now.  You can’t really hide totally, can you? Either you have to get rid of that phone which is a mini computer in itself or just preach social self boycott which is not advisable. I am aware that all these social platforms do offer you self hideout which is okay but what about the mental stigma you go through, you can’t even sue these sites. I so want to get away from these so called social circles at least till the time I require the need for it once again in my life. But right now I am just too loaded and want to leave the spotlight for someone else.






My Close Encounter with Lions in Botswana

Can’t describe the joy this picture brings to me. Thanks for sharing. Reblogged.


lion whisperers modisa botswana by nicolai frederk bonnen rossen (22)

Photographer Nicolai Frederik Bonnén Rossen poses with a Lion


26-year-old Nicolai Frederik Bonnén Rossen is a freelance photographer and strategic adviser/publicist. Born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark, Rossen is passionate about travel, writing and photography.

Last year Rossen traveled to Botswana on assignment for Børsen, a well-known financial daily in Denmark. The story produced the series of unforgettable images seen below and would nearly cost Rossen his right hand.

The Sifter recently interviewed the intrepid photographer to learn more about his close encounter with lions of the Kalahari.


lion whisperers modisa botswana by nicolai frederk bonnen rossen (17)


What made you decide to go to Botswana
and document this story?

These guys [MODISA] were originally introduced to me via a mutual friend from South Africa. Was instantly fascinated with their story. Knew they wouldn’t be able to afford a publicist, so decided to call up some connections of…

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Clash of the Titans


Clash of the Titans. Yes, that’s the only phrase comes to my mind when I watch Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic playing against each other. French Open 2013 semi-final match of these two players was worth the finals and why not when two brilliant players as them bring bombastic kinetic energy that is difficult to contain. I belong to Rafa camp by the way:-). But what a match, you are on the edge of your seat while these two do tug of war not letting the other to win a point. After watching such high intensity and world class play, any other match looks below expectations.

I am so happy that this match happened on Friday night. Now I wait for the finals which I am quite sure will be Rafa’s show.

P.S.: If you take interest in Tennis, you might want to look for some videos on you tube on Mansour Bahrami, a tennis player. You will laugh your heart out. 🙂