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Pleasures those beckon me…

Today, I was going through my old travel pictures, and it made me to contemplate on certain character that I miss the most about my traveled cities.  May be these are the sole reasons that compels me to visit these places again.

Hong Kong

There are many things that reminds me of Hong Kong, particularly – the Food 🙂 and the Hoardings that jazz up with neon lights in night.  It is impressioned on my mind.


some street


I love Prague. One of the beautiful cities I’ve been to.  What I miss the most about the city – its cobbled streets.

prague 2 (1)


As much as I love Prague for its free spirit character, Vienna is close to my heart for its sophistication and fineness.  It is so delightful visiting the small street cafes of the city, having freshly brewed Me´lange with some delicious cake to go with it. Heavenly.



When I came back from Munich one thing I always cribbed about was the absence of Gardens like Munich – like really big, beautiful serene parks.  I so miss walking in English Garten, I sat there for long all alone and pondered...



One more thing of Munich that really had a great impact on my mind..Ah no explanation..let’s just see.

munich metro map

When I first saw this it confused me, if it really was a metro map or water supply map of the city!!! But is it not amazing?


Well it is an endless list of things I recall London for, but how can somebody miss the ubiquitous red phone booth, they are so conspicuous and are not found anywhere else in the world (I think so!).


I still have some more cities in my list but I guess I should make a sequel of this post 🙂

Special Thanks to my friend (Sahil) for helping me with the content 🙂 

Disclaimer: Few pictures used in this post are not owned by me but are from Google.  It’s thought that matters.!

Reaching the Mountains

These pictures are from my trip to Leh (India) in 2011. They are bit crude as not taken from a DSLR. Leh is located in the Ladakh region of India at an altitude of about 12,000ft. Few years ago, it was one of the remote areas but after the surge in the trend of adventure travel, it now sees more tourists than ever. It took us 4 days to reach Leh from New Delhi. This post focuses on the variation of mountains I saw on my way to Leh.

Enroute to Leh, we crossed the Valley of Kashmir. Needless to mention, it is an epitome of natural bounty.


It was strange to see the arid mountains after arriving at such high altitude. And snow peak mountains were calling us!



The more we elevated, the more arid and barren it got. No gas station at sight or road for that matter. Just an open land and the sky.


And in the lap of these arid mountains hid a monastery. Splendid View.


After reaching Leh, we made our way to the highest motor able road in the world called Khardung La. And no wonder we saw snow!


It was infact so snowy that our SUV slipped, so we walked in the misty mountains like it was planned!


Crossing the snowy mountains, again we found desert mountains but this time with a wonderful view of Pangong Lake. Bliss.


I couldn’t come to the terms that I was not in paradise!