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A refresher on Dating

There has always been a lot of debate on what should be a perfect rule guide on dating.  People who do serial dating would know the protocol and specifics that are observed and followed while dating. But it is also a fact that sometimes no matter how much you read through dating books, follow the guidelines you still fail to appease your date. This is when you start blaming the other person for being insensitive or sort of aloof from reality. However I personally believe every person has intrinsic nature, if you understand that and customize your dating checklist, it would definitely help one going at least somewhere than no where.  Thanks to bloggers who put so much effort on gender studies and come up with bang on articles which focuses on how should you be behaving on intrinsic nature of people. I love reading these. Needless to say these articles are women centric. I not only identify myself in these articles but also these make me happy I feel I am not alone there are other quirkier females like me out there.

I came across this blogpost today shared by a friend and was completely surprised by the writer’s accurate psyche in understanding a female with travel instincts. I am sure females who share this trait would acknowledge every word of this article even men who have such women in their life. Read ‘Don’t date a girl who travels’ here – https://medium.com/better-humans/802c49b9141c

I am sure a lot of people must have read this wonderful article by Rosemarie Urquico.  It’s like bookmarked on my browser and I never get tired of reading it again and again.  An article that rightly defines a female bookworm. Read ‘Date a girl who reads’ here – http://www.novelr.com/2011/12/15/date-a-girl-who-reads

There are other articles that points out the opposite of above. You might want to look at ‘Don’t date a girl who reads‘ and ‘Date a girl who travels‘.

You can also share articles which gives a vivid description on intrinsic habits of men and women that can help to understand them better.