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A Walk through the Forest



Come walk with me, I’ll show you how

to pass some pleasant time away

We’ll watch what nature will allow

Our eager eyes to see this day

As we go through the forest now

we’ll see the innocents at play;

And see some things time has forgot

but I will bet that you will not.

Look through the branches, you may see

a bushy tail go flashing by

It’s just a squirrel that’s fast and free,

as jumping limb to limb, up high,

It never wants to ever be

part of our world, I wonder why?

Do you suppose that squirrel knows

some things we don’t? Well, I suppose.

If we be very, very still,

We’ll hear the silence all around,

and maybe then a distant shrill

Of courting birds that made the sound,

they sing just as sometimes man will

when courting someone he has found.

Do you think birds can fall in love

and court someone they’re dreaming of?

Have you been noticing the light

how it grows dimmer as we go?

The leaves are darker green to sight

And flowers make a wond’rous show;

now look beneath this rock, we might

see signs of life few ever know..

Don’t you suppose God knows them all

just as He sees each sparrows fall?

-Vee Bdosa

Let’s Eat Eggs…

Would you like your eggs poached or scrambled? Asks my friend cum colleague.. Ah..music to my ears.

Eggs and eggs and more eggs. I can practically give anything for an egg. My imagination says this whole planet is an egg.  Or an egg represents earth, the hard crust and molten lava strikes resemblance with the egg-shell and yolk.

So why am I so crazy about eggs? 1. I come from an ultra-vegetarian (not totally vegan) family where eggs enter home only for my dog. Lucky him. So, my theory says that you tend to do things for which you are stopped. Two-I absolutely devour eggs and I can gobble up a whole soft-boiled egg at its sight.  It’s like every egg on that supermarket shelf is calling me –‘come, eat me’ / ‘we are coming with you’ / ‘don’t leave us here alone’.

Since it is winter in North India, the weather permits me to eat eggs.  I seize every opportunity to get these oval-shaped on my plate.  As I said, I can’t have it at my home, so my work place becomes my nest and a colleague of mine becomes my mom.  She gets me poached eggs which are finely cooked and aromatic herbs sprinkled on it. I see it and welcome it in my mouth with a smile. And the taste of it compels me to believe “egg is the most divine thing god has bestowed on us.”

Closed eyes, I was still savoring the egg. And then I hear the voice..”do you want the same tomorrow”.  I look at her like a poor, famished with desperation in my eyes. Yes, of course , I would like to have some tomorrow too and the day after and after.

Just give a thought what would happen if there would be no eggs or if one day you open your eyes and read newspaper headlines ‘God has scrapped off all the eggs from this planet’