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A new way of PDA

If you are single have you ever envied any married couple? I have always wondered how newly married couple publicize their whole love affair on social networking websites. This can be counted as a new way of Public Display of Affection (PDA).  I am not a fan of the mushy long write-ups by newly weds about their ongoing marital life. Their periodic gushing and regular updates on how amazing their last night date was, is repelling.  I mean I am sure they are in love which is why they married in the first place but telling it aloud to public again and again puts a doubt on that very love. Is it not juvenile to thank your partners on completion of a week,  month or an year; I thought it’s a duty of a spouse to keep the other one happy, thanking them just demeans the whole idea of marriage. I would be more interested if somebody displayed their marriage as not an amazing one as they thought it would be.

There could be a lot of hypothesis that explain this unwanted social networking displays.

One is that such couples are so much in love that they can’t contain it and it becomes necessary to involve others as happy comments by latter such as “Lucky You”, “Happy for You” make the couples feel that they have done something extraordinary.

Second is for publicity I think, before marriage they were used to of a lot of attention which of course starts reducing after they are hitched, so fear of that losing territory encourages them to post just “anything”.

Third could be they want all the people to know that Marriage is not such a bad thing as it is deemed as and they prove it by professing the endless love between them. This is also one way to make all those singles feel bad who think they are cool.

Fourth is my favorite and probably the most common reason and it is that they are just jobless. They have been exchanging deep feelings about each other in private but when they get bored they want to involve more people in this game.

More annoying part is when other who are ok to such immature confessions throw stupid comments. But they are fun to read.  I know it’s a free country and love is something which needs to be shared and all stuff..blah blah but I would still tell such people to Get-a-Room please.

Tuesday teaser

Book – Sliding on the snow stone; Page – 140

He pointed as the eastern horizon. It was rowing shades of red, orange and pink, and there were clouds above us, like giant balls of cotton. There were all racing away from the east as fast as they could.

‘It’s a war zone, You’ll never make it back home. All you can do is come with us, and then one day, when things have settled down, may be you’ll be able to return.’

I am so loaded with work that I am stuck on page 140 of this book.  The last I read are the lines above that contains self explaining intriguing plot. Sliding on the snow stone is written by Andy Szpuk and is a real account of a Ukrainian boy and his family during world war II. It is a heart wrenching display of terrors of Soviet and Nazi rule on small countries like Ukraine.

I have realized that it is not only difficult to keep up with your reading habit with your work but you have to really force yourself sometimes to pursue it. Beyond that I hate the fact that the emotions you build up while going through the most rough times of your characters, suddenly sublimes once you put a pause on reading.  And then it takes a while to revive those sentiments again.  I feel it is important to bring a certain type of emotion while you are reading a book, be it loathe, but if you are not bringing that, then I am afraid you arn’t doing justice to your book.

I hope  to do justice with this one !