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Duped or not Duped, that is the question

It feels stupid to get duped in your own city.

Today was my street shopping day with a friend. Anybody traveling to New Delhi especially a woman should definitely visit Sarojini Nagar if shopping is one of the things on your list. This place is not only cheap but you get defected original high street brands (well the defection is not evident from a naked eye); exported stuff, knock-offs, and stolen originals. So you see paradise for a shopper!!. Highly recommended.

With the description of the market you can make out how efficient you have to be in your bargaining skills. You have to bring out the best in you in this shopping paradise. I would rate myself as an average bargainer as in I would only say twice to the shopkeeper and then if I really like the stuff I will buy it :(.  But frequent visits to this place has honed my shopping skills, now I don’t give up that easily and have also even tried walking past the shopkeepers if they don’t agree with my price. And they call me back with my price!!

So, somebody who is a locale, knows the language, knows the functioning of this market and is also enhancing bargaining skills got duped. At least I feel so. A nice branded expensive watch has been on my list for long. So when my friend and I was buying some women stuff, suddenly we heard a voice “Madame do you want a real Gucci or a Tommy Hilfiger watch?” At first we snubbed him but he was persistent. He started taking out watches of various brands from his various pockets (he had like uncountable number of watches hidden in his clothes).

“How do we believe you, this doesn’t look original?” asked my friend.

“Madame this is original, but it is stolen, you will find the same watch in the showrooms for US$150, I will give you in US$40.” said the seller.

Well even 40 bucks is quite expensive in this market, my whole budget for this shopping was US$40!!! yes imagine it is dirt cheap place. So we ignored the guy and gave him reasons for not buying it although we did like it. It was not at all looking a rip-off plus it came with a box. We asked for more proofs for its authenticity and he showed us some hieroglyphic numbers. Somehow that guy sounded convincing. Even to my friend who is a lawyer!! So after 3-4 denials we thought of buying it because the guy was so pushy. We bargained and got him down to US$32 for two watches. After a bargaining rally finally he agreed and we felt victorious, we paid, and he scampered away.

After a moment we kept thinking if it was a good bet. We again checked the watches and this time somehow we felt those were fakes. Although till now it is a mystery to us if we bought the originals or fakes. Because if these are fakes then we lost good amount of money. And till the end of our shopping day we kept asking each other if we were duped!!

So getting tricked in your own country convinces a thought that getting tricked in a foreign land is no shame.

The World of Floating Markets

Something other than usual is always fascinating. While visiting a usual market near my home today, I wondered how exciting it would be to have a floating market. But Alas I live in a landlocked place however during my travels I had seen floating markets in Srinagar (Kashmir) and a usual one in Venice. And without a doubt the whole scene of buying and selling was quite enchanting. The thought of floating market gives me an opportunity to explore (through internet!!) some famous markets on water.

1. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Thailand

This busy market is a famous one in Thailand. Being a touristy market one can find lot of things in this market from groceries, exotic food, souvenirs etc. However buying from here would mean you’ll pay more than the markets on land.


2. Vinh Long, Vietnam

This market is located in the upper mekong delta region. It is interesting to read that this market is generally used to sell fruits with other commodities and it is not that expensive also. Tourists can have a great view of the CoChien river while having sea food and local vietnamese traditional music.


3. Nativitas, Xochimilco – South of Mexico City, Mexico

Nativitas is an authentic tourist object.Most people are using Spanish and you can get special price if you offer a good bargain with this language.  You can also find the local bands those entertain tourists.


4. Banjarmasin – Kalimantan

Banjarmasin is the capital of South Kalimantan, Indonesia. This active market has a taste of local. It is considered to be very authentic and away from tourist buzz.


5.  The Floating Market, Punda Side, Willemstad in Curacao

Punda side floating market is just mini boat fleets that come from Venezuela and are selling bunch of fresh fishes,herbs, spices and fruits at very nice bargain.


6. Dal Lake, Srinagar

Srinagar in the state of Kashmir in India is epitome of natural beauty. Or rather was. This market in the dal lake provides groceries, flowers, and other commodities to the residents living in the house boats on the lake.