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Can’t thank enough

Some more awards to my blog. What a great feeling. However I have been just too lazy to publish them so here let me unburden myself before I die with the weight of people’s kindness on me.  Here I am combining four awards from two of my fantastic  fellow bloggers – Mr. Tanumoy Biswas and Mr. Anil CM.

Before thanking my nominator Tanumoy Biswas, I want to apologize for the immense delay in publishing the honors. I was just waiting for some more awards so that I can club all ;-). Tanumoy nominated me for three awards (Wow!!) – “Super Sweet Blog Award”, “Very Inspiring Award” and  “Best Moment Award”.  I am so overwhelmed Tanumoy, thanks a lot :-). He is one of the most versatile writer I have come across and apart from writing I think you must visit his blog for the soulful music that plays on it. Most of the time I just visit his page to listen the music 🙂 And it is a double treat to read something so smooth and flowing (He is an incredible poet).  I wish I could nominate Tanumoy back for Super Sweet blog Award.

You can visit his page and connect with him here.

“Super Sweet Blog Award”


This award quite suits me as I do have a sweet tooth 🙂 On a serious note I think anybody would feel lucky to receive this award because there is not much sweetness left in the real world so if people find their share on this virtual world that’s just makes my day.

Let me spread some more sweetness by answering sweet sweet questions.

1. Cookies or Cake? – Kind of tough but cookies.  I like baking cakes thought I am very bad at it and everything goes into the trash can.

2. Chocolate or Vanilla? – Chocolate any day !! chocolate milk, chocolate cereals, chocolate biscuits, chocolate cake. This is a wonderful world.

3. Favorite Sweet Treat? – I am quite a sweetholic person and can find pleasure in anything sweet so it’s difficult question but still Indian sweets such as Kheer or Halwa is what I will pick over chocolates.  You must try these Indian sweets as they are divine.

4. When do you crave sweet things most? – Well like I said I have a sweet tooth but since I am a health freak I like to treat myself only after meals when I can’t control at all.

5. Sweet Nickname – ‘Shoniya’ my mom calls me that when she is showering her love for me.   That reminds me it’s been quite a while she called me that. Let me just barge in her room after the blogpost 🙂

“Very Inspiring Award”


This award is truly an honor for me if I have been able to inspire anyone. It is easy to make people laugh but it takes a lot to inspire somebody so thanks a ton Tanumoy for this if you really mean it :-).  Inspiration is everywhere around us but it needs a special pair of eyes to observe it and a mind to feel it. I just write what I see around me and sometimes things that bothers me and to draw inspiration from it.  I want to convey that sometimes I am just left in awe when I read people’s creations on this blog world of ours.  There is so much inspiration hidden here, we just need time to dig out such stuff.  And those people inspire me back to post something that will leave an impression. I feel very lucky and special to connect with people here.

“Best Moment Award”

best moment award

I mentioned in one of my previous blog post that I believe in living in the moment. Here it is. This is the Best Moment for me to accept such warm awards. Interestingly this award is a relay so more you collect it more best moments you have.  Read more about it here.

“Awesome Blog Content  (ABC) Award”

awesome blog content award

I would also like to take an opportunity to thank Mr. Anil CM  for nominating me for ‘Awesome Blog Content Award‘. He is widely traveled and his blog is on his travel experiences.  His pictures amaze me and inspire me to set off as often as I can. See the world through his eyes here.

Thank You Anil for nominating me for this awesome award!!

The rule for this blog Award are:

  • Add the ABC logo to your new blog post.
  • Write a one-word or a phrase about yourself that begins with A, B, C, etc.
  • Nominate some blogs and leave a comment on those blogs to let them know!

Oh boy this is long 🙂

A – Aditi (it starts here)

B – Budapest (I was looted here !!)

C – CoCo , My Dog 🙂

D – Drinking Chocolate (My winter drink)

E – Early to bed, early to rise (I am preaching religiously these days)

F – Free Spirit (this is who I am)

G – Gardening (Time to time I get these bouts of doing gardening)

H – Herbal Tea (I like having it)

I – India (Born and brought up)

J – Jack of all traits (well nothing is wrong with that)

K- Kasol (A small hill station in India which I can’t wait to visit)

L – London (Spent some memorable days of my life)

M – Magnets (love collecting magnets souvenirs where ever I go)

N –  Narcissist

O – Om (the universe lies in this word)

P – Phill Collins

Q – Que Sera Sera

R – Reading

S – Sheldon Cooper (Bazinga!!)

T – Travel (one thing that defines me)

U – Ulan Bator (Desperately wants to vist since the time I read about the horses there)

V – Venice   We got a good bargain on Gondola rides 🙂

W –  Work-out (I feel guilty if I don’t workout daily)

X – X-Men  (No I am not a fan just didn’t want to give up)

Y – Yves Saint Laurent

Z – Zumba (reason for my less frequent blogposts)


My nominations for these awards are: 











Happy Blogging !