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Heart is Peculiar

Heart is a peculiar organ. I fail to understand what makes it happy or sad. I have been feeling quite low since last 2-3 days. I have observed no amount of inspiring reads really work during such disposition. ย I tried talking to my pets, watching TV, surfing on new destination to travel but something when bothers you to the core doesn’t really heal with that easy distraction. I also tried eating chocolates which I heard release happy hormones..well bullshit, I just got pimples!

So, I was sitting with my laptop doing some futile research just before writing this blog. It is 10 p.m. right now in India. Suddenly our door bell rang, I was least bothered to get up and see, but I was curious who would be there at late night. A moment later my dad came to my room giving me a tiffin box from my neighbor who sent her signatureย homemade cake only for me. Mrs. Lall, my 65 year oldย neighbor is one of my favorites because of her doting love towards me and her yummy cakes. The moment I saw the box, I jumped from my bed, opened the box and ate like a child. My dad looked at me with a smile and left me with the box full of delicious cake. ย I don’t know if it has started releasing happy hormones and brought me back to my sunny disposition but it certainly worked. What more could be a proof that I opened my blog and wrote after 4 days, and that is why heart is a peculiar organ. ๐Ÿ™‚


Our Musical Lives…


Music is not only a gift but aย saviorย to ourย oscillatingย troublesome lives. Thanks to all thoseย artists who have created music that fits aptly for all moods and congratulations to all the music lovers, we now have applications to listen songs depending on our moods. Zillions of songs (I hate to call them โ€œNumbersโ€) have been composed so far and it is certainly not possible for one soul to listen all of them in one life. I’m sure each one of us hasย theirย own playlists where we seek solace. There are songs that define us ditto and some you feel are made for you, for me it is She’s got a way about her by Billy Joel. And then there are songs that brings exact emotions at times,ย for example if I am watching a movie or reading a book on Jewish catastrophe by Nazis’,ย In the Ghettoย by Elvis Presley, fits best in my mood or may beย Buffaloย Soldier by Bob Marley on Black resistance.ย ย 

I like to kick-start my day with an exuberant song likeย New Dayย by Alicia Keys, but my spirit sobers down by the evening and makes me listen a sombre song likeย Shaam Tanhaย (a hindi song)ย by Agnee. When I’m hitting the road, I am listening toย On the Road Againย by Willie Nelson. After whole day toiling, I need something such asย A Good Day to Runย by Darryl Worley toย inspire myself on the treadmill and the feeling continues till late night when I end up withย We are Youngย by Fun.

This is my best part, songs for every weather conditions (so they never leave you alone)ย a rainy day song has to beย Raindrops keep falling on my headย by B J Thomasย orย Rainy Days and Mondaysย by Carpenters; a wintry songย Californiaย Dreamingย by The Mamas and The Papas, a peppyย Summer in the Cityย by the Lovin’ Spoonful for summers. This makes me think I haven’t come across any brilliantย autumnย song as of yet. Do let me know if you have one. ย 

Relationship songs, now there are like infinite number of them but only quite a few stays in your heart, classic like Casablanca by Bertie Higgins, or a new world song Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum. We also have quite nice break-up songs, the recent famous Somebody I used to know by Gotye and my all-timeย favoriteย Youโ€™re so Vain by Carly Simon. Certain songs are made in heaven (figuratively); they fill you withย tranquilityย and high degree of spirituality such as Lazarus by Porcupine Tree. I can listen to this song over and over. And then stress-buster songs that soothe you and brings smile like none other than Don’t Worry Be Happy by Bob Marley.

So you see how music revolves and intricate our lives. Without it, I imagine this world be just like the movie Equilibrium. Iโ€™m thus grateful to all these music pieces that have consoled me at some point of my life.

Keep listening. Keep humming.

Swingy Days. Swingy Moods.


Human Brain is the most complex yet simple (if understood) thing, the Almighty has created. Neither am I a psychology student nor holds anyย inquisitivenessย to study human brain. However, it is interesting to see the variations in human behaviorย on good and bad days. And very bad days.

I can be categorized as someone who shows extreme moods. Nothing I boast of. On any good day, I am seen laughing and making others laugh with my one-liners. While on a bad day, the same me can’t resist snapping at people on trivial things, even at my best people. That’s me.

This post is not about self-correction or to list down measures for mood-balancing. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong in showing extreme moods (in civil limits). I am just doing what I am programmed to do, being human. Even animals have moods, I am no different.ย What we need is not shunning the expression of our moodsย but acceptance of it by others. Sincerely, I respect moods. I believe every being has a right to be themselves. Why to wary ofย people judging us. But, for people to respect your mood, it is first important to be true to yourself. A honest mood swing is not only acceptable but understandable.ย Bad mood mixed with the traces of ego or personal malice is straight awayย ousted.ย The latter can not cover up for a rough mood. ย Somehow, egoism demeans the whole concept of mood swings.

Not that I am justifying my extremity of moods. I do sometimes rue about my frostiness and try to undone the done.ย But, people who know me, would agree with me.ย Anything that is not manipulative isย forgettableย andย neglect able. It is human ritual.ย On-set of genuine expression and humble acceptance of checkered moods, I believe would simplify or define the intricacies of the human brain.