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Faux Pas in movie theaters

Have you ever been a victim of people’s lack of knowledge of etiquettes in a cinema hall while you are watching an entertaining flick (which is quite rare these days!!). I went for a movie today and hell, the presence of certain disturbing elements there was absolutely intolerable and since we belong to civilized society we can’t do anything much about it. Some common faux pas committed by people that should be looked upon to avoid glaring eyes and unwanted attention.

Crying or shouting kids: Call me sadist but kids below 10 should be banned from the movie theaters. Nothing is more irritating than a wailing child, I once shouted really bad at a child (only he was too far to hear it).

Ringing of or Speaking on phone: I understand that some people watching the movie could be some busy hotshots but least they can do is to put their phone on SILENT mode. Ringing of cellular phones with cacophonous ringtones is very disturbing. And more annoying is the part when the person who owns it actually picks the call and talks loud !!

Taking advantage of darkness: Thinking that it is dark and nobody can see you is a big misconception, We can definitely hear your oohs and ahas. I am sure you are totally in love but I haven’t paid to witness your public display of affection, get yourself a room !!!

Throwing the dialogues: Yes I have seen that. And it is so cheap when some people actually shout the dialogue before the actor even starts. Just because you have seen the movie twice or thrice doesn’t make you Leonardo Di Caprio.  So shut up and let me hear him.

Arriving late: Just because it’s an entertainment activity doesn’t mean you don’t have to be on time. Imagine you totally engrossed in the movie and suddenly somebody disturbs you in between asking you to give them the way to take their seat.  But it doesn’t end there they’ll come back again saying excuse me because they came to the wrong row. And worse is when they step on your toe.!! Once a lady with heels stepped on my foot and I was left cursing her for rest of the movie.

Throwing Popcorns: It was fun when I was 8 year old but now if I get popcorns from back while I’m holding up my emotions is very very pesky. Eat your corns, do not waste them as you have paid for it. And I for the movie.

Stretching your legs: I once went for a horror flick and I was very much into it like shit scary and suddenly I saw a disfigured hairy foot on the arm of my seat. I screamed. Plus it was stinky. I hit the foot twice to make the person realize of contempt. There is nothing bad in stretching your limbs but atleast don’t do it on somebody.

There are other trivial elements which people either deliberately or unknowingly do which cause disruptions in cinema hall.   But I think people should learn about etiquettes in different social settings to avoid any discomfort for others.

Does serendipity really happen?

Does serendipity really happens?

When I first watched this flick I actually wondered if finding a soulmate could be just an accident (as in a happy one). By the way I really liked the flick and spent futile hours fantasizing on if I can ever bump into a person like that in a departmental store and end up eating an ice-cream in a cafe, who would turn out to be my soulmate !! This looks all mushy and enchanting, is it not. But in reality if I ever come across an eligible guy like that in a store I will for once ignore the cupid bells ringing somewhere in the air, not because I’d be shopping rampantly (which woman observes men while shopping?) but it is too awkward to show interest in any random guy. These days it’s difficult to trust people whom you meet daily, a stranger is out of question.

In the movie, both the characters-Jonathan and Sara get stuck with the fate of finding the contact numbers written on a 5$ bill and a book – Love in the Time of Cholera. We cannot expect this much drama in real life. I am just trying to figure out how far it can go if I consider the proposition of serendipity. So, for instance I welcome the probability of some sparks happening between us and end up eating a dessert somewhere, then what? Is it an end. If, we exchange contact numbers, I am not somebody who contacts a stranger but if he tries to contact me, I think my mind will be filled with all sorts of doubts and pre-conceptions about the guy. What if he is a jerk or a rapist for that matter. Let say going by my instincts I accept to go out and spent a day with him. My experience and observations from others’ experiences says that initially you like everything about the person, even certain things you hate are ‘adorable’. After spending a day, I can definitely say I’ll be locked in a charade of who takes the next step first. Most of the times the romantic aspirations sublimes at this stage as this charade stretches a bit too far, thus losing interests. But in case if one of the partners is smart it may go forth and end up in a relationship (not marriage).

If we go by the movie Jonathan and Sara actually end up getting married. Not that easy practically. In reality you have to be really wide awake before getting married if you do not want a divorce later on. Back to the story, if I and that imaginable departmental store guy ever go into a relationship, after spending initial months we will get exposed to each other’s bad sides and gradually those ‘adorable’ characteristics will soon be pain in the ass. Subsequently, we will look for the reasons for not spending time with each other. And consequently we’ll repent of shopping at that departmental store and swear not to shop from there ever. It’s not difficult to guess what happens next to this relation, it dies. I am not being pessimist about this whole romantic serendipity concept, well the whole scene could be otherwise as well but has a 0.05% probability.

After all this happens what I’ll do and where I’ll be? Well I think I would still be shopping at that store (if they have good collection!) but this time i’ll make sure the cupids don’t ring the bells at all. And I’ll be just happy watching and fantasizing about serendipity concept on the big screen with nachos and popcorns.

Breakfast — And a Wedding — at Tiffany’s

Love it Love it..My favorite flick of all time..Reblogged 🙂

I Just Want It To Be Perfect

So we’ve talked aboutfantasy sports weddingsand those based on, shall we say, less-than-realistic teen novels, but what about another kind of fantasy: movies?

Hollywood wants us to think that movies are the ultimate fantasy, and in many ways they are — they’re escapist fare that lets us imagine ourselves as a superhero, a romantic lead, an unappreciated artistic genius …. or a maybe-call girl with a great hairdo and the best breakfast spot in New York. Yes, I’m talking about everyone’s favorite Givenchy-clad socialite: Holly Golightly.

With theplay opening in New Yorknext week, there’s sure to be a resurgence of popularity of the movie, and more specifically, the character (although can something reappear if it never really vanishes?).

It seems like many young women these days go through their Holly-idolizing stage — my daughter certainly has had her moments of wishing it was still fashionable…

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I was a fool for not reading about Mozart in detail before visiting Vienna. Truth is, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s work influenced my life only after I visited Vienna, may be because I am a dilettante in this field and know nothing deep about it. To me, he was just any other music composer with a big name and hence, I missed the opportunity to watch his magnum opus ‘Le nozze di Figaro’. Shit. I was there and didn’t watch it. It is a shame. And how I reached to the realization that I missed something eternal? After watching ‘Amadeus’, movie quite loosely based on Mozart’s life. It however has left a strong impression on me. I was awestruck when I researched that the music used in the movie was Mozart’s original notes. Swept me off my feet completely. Even Salieri accepted it as the work of God then who am I. Every single score in the movie is exceptionally a great creation. While watching, a thought passed my mind that people who watched him live, had not even guessed that they were watching something divine. It is difficult to believe that in reality Mozart could be such a cuckoo (as shown in the movie) and a prodigy at the same time. Why do all braniacs get celebrated only after their deaths. I honestly liked Anotonio Salieri character played by F. Murray Abraham for his transparent jealousy and still being the Mozart’s greatest admirer. Few dialogues from the movie by Salieri that defined the ingenious of Mozart explained his obsession with Mozart.

“But they showed no corrections of any kind. Not one. He had simply written down music already finished in his head. Page after page of it as if he were just taking dictation. And music, finished as no music is ever finished. Displace one note and there would be diminishment. Displace one phrase and the structure would fall.” 

“He was my idol. Mozart, I can’t think of a time when I didn’t know his name.” 

“Through my influence, I saw to it that Don Giovanni was played only five times in Vienna. But in secret, I went to every one of those five. Worshipping sounds I alone seemed to hear.”

The moment of goose bumps, when Mozart drafts ‘Requiem’ in the end, the music of that piece I find was grafted superbly in the movie, even better than Le nozze di Figaro or DonGiovanni.

By not watching Mozart’s work in Vienna, I saved myself from committing a sin as I believe experiencing something like this should be done with full conviction and not half knowledge. And now when I am ready to know more about him, I’ll give myself another chance to see him in Vienna.

Vintage ‘the went age’

We all are materialistic in life. No matter how many times we deny it but that’s what we are. We crave for new and better things in life be it gadgets, entertainment, clothes we want everything brand new. But there is also a truth that as we move progress in life, we start admiring and valuing old things more. The groovy sound of gramophone, discolored pages of old books, frayed old fashioned clothes, cacophony of an old guitar, screechiness of a tape recorder brings smile on our face. And suddenly these things become ‘vintage’ and are valued more today than in their original times.

I remember discarding all my old audio-cassettes while shifting places thinking what good it holds now as I use compact discs like everyone else, but now I desire to owe a collection of it just like an uncle of mine who owns a collection of vinyl records. Same goes with the old clothes, of course no point in keeping when you have outgrown them but it’s so difficult to get that old fashioned hipsters, granny knitted wool sweaters or gypsy dungarees. Not that I’m going to wear them in public but it’s just this penchant of collecting them as a treasure. When I watch black and white movies, I can’t stop myself from eulogizing everything about it, the background music of those times, the simplicity of the expressions etc. (at least this I can boast of, owing a collection of some best black and white movies). Nobody uses those archaic pocket watches these days but I’m sure there are certain people who keep it as their prized possessions.

I know few people who are always on a hunt of collecting things from earlier times. They say, it connects them with the age gone by and keeps them grounded as the new inventions don’t charm them enough. It’s a rapid market today full of new inventions and it is often too difficult to track. I’ve seen people switching their mobile phones so frequently, that they can’t even recall how many times they have done that. May be the next revolution will replace mobile phones with something unique (same way the mobile phones did with the hand-dialing telephones) and will make them vintage over the generations.

That’s the rule of life. New things taking over old things. But don’t stop appreciating old things, as they were new at sometime.