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Music Revisited

At times some songs get into our heads to such an extent that we keep playing it repetitively and never get tired of listening to it. Then one day suddenly some another song takes it place and we forget about our previous delight. Happens with everybody, all the time. But it is good to go back to our old playlists from time to time to refresh memories. This process helped me to re-discover a song which I would describe as a zing to my teenage and is surprisingly again on my repeat mode. I hope you enjoy this rock song from the Cutting Crew.

If you have any such forgotten song, Post It. Lets revisit the music we loved ūüôā


I was a fool for not reading about Mozart in detail before visiting Vienna. Truth is, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s work influenced my life only after I visited Vienna, may be because I am a dilettante in this field and know nothing deep about it. To me, he was just any other music composer with a big name and hence, I missed the opportunity to watch his magnum opus ‘Le nozze di Figaro’. Shit. I was there and didn’t watch it. It is a shame.¬†And how I reached to the realization that I missed something eternal? After watching ‘Amadeus’,¬†movie quite¬†loosely based on Mozart’s life. It however has left a strong impression on me.¬†I was awestruck when I researched that the music used in the movie was Mozart’s original notes. Swept me off my feet completely. Even Salieri accepted it as the work of God then who am I. Every single score in the movie is¬†exceptionally a great creation.¬†While watching, a thought passed my mind that people who watched him live, had not even guessed that they were watching something divine. It is difficult to believe that in reality Mozart could be such a cuckoo (as shown in the movie) and a prodigy at the same time. Why do all braniacs get celebrated only after their deaths.¬†I honestly liked Anotonio Salieri character played by F.¬†Murray¬†Abraham for his transparent jealousy and still being the Mozart’s greatest admirer.¬†Few dialogues from the movie by Salieri that defined the ingenious of Mozart explained his¬†obsession¬†with Mozart.

“But they showed no corrections of any kind. Not one. He had simply written down music already finished in his head. Page after page of it as if he were just taking dictation. And music, finished as no music is ever finished. Displace one note and there would be diminishment. Displace one phrase and the structure would fall.”¬†

“He was my idol. Mozart, I can’t think of a time when I didn’t know his name.”¬†

“Through my influence, I saw to it that Don Giovanni was played only five times in Vienna. But in secret, I went to every one of those five. Worshipping sounds I alone seemed to hear.”

The moment of goose bumps, when Mozart drafts ‘Requiem’ in the end, the music of that piece I find was grafted superbly in the movie, even better than Le nozze di Figaro or DonGiovanni.

By not watching Mozart’s work in Vienna, I saved myself from committing a sin as I believe experiencing something like this should be done with full conviction and not half knowledge. And now when I am ready to know more about him, I’ll give myself another chance to see him in Vienna.

Vintage ‚Äėthe went age‚Äô

We all are materialistic in life. No matter how many times we deny it but that‚Äôs what we are. We crave for new and better things in life be it gadgets, entertainment, clothes we want everything brand new. But there is also a truth that as we move progress in life, we start admiring and valuing old things more. The groovy sound of gramophone, discolored pages of old books, frayed old fashioned clothes, cacophony of an old guitar, screechiness of a tape recorder brings smile on our face. And suddenly these things become ‘vintage’ and are valued more today than in their original times.

I remember discarding all my old audio-cassettes while shifting places thinking what good it holds now as I use compact discs like everyone else, but now I desire to owe a collection of it just like an uncle of mine who owns a collection of vinyl records. Same goes with the old clothes, of course no point in keeping when you have outgrown them but it’s so difficult to get that old fashioned hipsters, granny knitted wool sweaters or gypsy dungarees. Not that I’m going to wear them in public but it’s just this penchant of collecting them as a treasure. When I watch black and white movies, I can’t stop myself from eulogizing everything about it, the background music of those times, the simplicity of the expressions etc. (at least this I can boast of, owing a collection of some best black and white movies). Nobody uses those archaic pocket watches these days but I’m sure there are certain people who keep it as their prized possessions.

I know few people who are always on a hunt of collecting things from earlier times. They say, it connects them with the age gone by and keeps them grounded as the new inventions don’t charm them enough. It’s a rapid market today full of new inventions and it is often too difficult to track. I’ve seen people switching their mobile phones so frequently, that they can’t even recall how many times they have done that. May be the next revolution will replace mobile phones with something unique (same way the mobile phones did with the hand-dialing telephones) and will make them vintage over the generations.

That’s the rule of life. New things taking over old things. But don‚Äôt stop appreciating old things, as they were new at sometime.¬†

Our Musical Lives…


Music is not only a gift but a¬†savior¬†to our¬†oscillating¬†troublesome lives. Thanks to all those¬†artists who have created music that fits aptly for all moods and congratulations to all the music lovers, we now have applications to listen songs depending on our moods. Zillions of songs (I hate to call them ‚ÄúNumbers‚ÄĚ) have been composed so far and it is certainly not possible for one soul to listen all of them in one life. I’m sure each one of us has¬†their¬†own playlists where we seek solace. There are songs that define us ditto and some you feel are made for you, for me it is She’s got a way about her by Billy Joel. And then there are songs that brings exact emotions at times,¬†for example if I am watching a movie or reading a book on Jewish catastrophe by Nazis’,¬†In the Ghetto¬†by Elvis Presley, fits best in my mood or may be¬†Buffalo¬†Soldier by Bob Marley on Black resistance.¬†¬†

I like to kick-start my day with an exuberant song like¬†New Day¬†by Alicia Keys, but my spirit sobers down by the evening and makes me listen a sombre song like¬†Shaam Tanha¬†(a hindi song)¬†by Agnee. When I’m hitting the road, I am listening to¬†On the Road Again¬†by Willie Nelson. After whole day toiling, I need something such as¬†A Good Day to Run¬†by Darryl Worley to¬†inspire myself on the treadmill and the feeling continues till late night when I end up with¬†We are Young¬†by Fun.

This is my best part, songs for every weather conditions (so they never leave you alone)¬†a rainy day song has to be¬†Raindrops keep falling on my head¬†by B J Thomas¬†or¬†Rainy Days and Mondays¬†by Carpenters; a wintry song¬†California¬†Dreaming¬†by The Mamas and The Papas, a peppy¬†Summer in the City¬†by the Lovin’ Spoonful for summers. This makes me think I haven’t come across any brilliant¬†autumn¬†song as of yet. Do let me know if you have one. ¬†

Relationship songs, now there are like infinite number of them but only quite a few stays in your heart, classic like Casablanca by Bertie Higgins, or a new world song Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum. We also have quite nice break-up songs, the recent famous Somebody I used to know by Gotye and my all-time¬†favorite¬†You‚Äôre so Vain by Carly Simon. Certain songs are made in heaven (figuratively); they fill you with¬†tranquility¬†and high degree of spirituality such as Lazarus by Porcupine Tree. I can listen to this song over and over. And then stress-buster songs that soothe you and brings smile like none other than Don’t Worry Be Happy by Bob Marley.

So you see how music revolves and intricate our lives. Without it, I imagine this world be just like the movie Equilibrium. I’m thus grateful to all these music pieces that have consoled me at some point of my life.

Keep listening. Keep humming.