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How to be your own Valentine!!!

OK, so this day has come again..not so exciting for the ones who are eternally single. Like me!.  Not that I can’t find anyone but I am just too busy to entertain someone. At least for now. So before anybody with a valentine starts making me miserable, I thought of coming up with an exciting plan to uplift me on this day. I’m going to turn a narcissist for a day. Well, who said you can’t be your own valentine. I am going to do and treat myself in the same way I would want a man to make me feel special. 14 steps on 14th Feb to be your own valentine.

  1. Wake up with a song that makes you feel special like ‘A Woman Like You’ by Lee Brice. Stay away with the ones that can make you cry.
  2. Wear bright colors like red, yellow or orange may be. Something that reflects on your face. A very important step as it keeps you vibrant whole day.
  3. Bring the peppy side of yours out, wish everyone around you regardless of age. Don’t forget to smile it’s a good cover-up. You never know who’s falling in love with your smile.
  4. Buy flowers for yourself. At least I wouldn’t crib about its color.
  5. Buy your favorite chocolates. Don’t eat alone. Share it with others around you.  Eating alone is again a sign of miser ability.
  6. If you are a compulsive shopper then get yourself something nice, not expensive but something that pleases you.
  7. I don’t recommend a day off from work, because it gives you ample time to ponder upon it which is difficult to fill in so u got to go to work as usual and may be you can take something for you colleagues like tarts, macaroons or marzipan.  The idea is to keep people happy around you so that they keep you happy in return.
  8. Eat good breakfast. Something different from everyday. You can even go out for it, if that is not what you usually do.
  9. Stay away from people who bring evil side of yours. You don’t want to act like a bitch on this day.
  10. People like me would go seek shelter in the poems of Rumi or Shakespeare sonnets as they will levitate you against the convenient love of these days.
  11. In Evening, go out with other singles for drinks or some art activity like a play or an exhibition. Socializing is a brilliant therapy.
  12. If have time watch a movie like Casablanca, watch it not to dream about a partner like Humphrey Bogart or Ingrid Bergman but to admire the artwork by Michael Curtiz.. Nah… Watch a slapstick like the Dictator or Horrible Bosses. At least I would do that.
  13. Do something to relax yourself like spa, yoga, meditation or dancing.
  14. Finally. Feel Good. Keep Smiling. Thank God that the day is over !!!