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Together with the Nature



Watching the sun setting down in the sand dunes where you can’t find a singly being in vicinity is one indefinable experience. I can best describe the feelings of the individuals in this picture as Pure.There is no desire of anything or qualms in life. The only want is to watch that very sun rising once again.

Picture taken at Thar desert, Jaisalmer, 2013.

Dwarka – Gujarat

And the holiday is over. This time I couldn’t get enough of it, I feel I would soon need another hiatus. Anyway, since Indian currency is depreciating against US dollar at a pace at which Sebastian Vettel wins his race, I am looking options to explore my own country which is vast and diverse in culture. This time I visited the state of Gujarat, a region which boasts its industrial development.

Gujarat is a place which connects to Indians through Hindu mythology, Indian freedom struggle, unique culture and food :-). Once you are in India you can’t really ignore this region as you will come across its name somewhere or the other. If you have heard of Mahatma Gandhi, there you go Gujarat is his birth place.

My trip involved visiting to lot of temples. Now to me Hindu temples offer lot of architecture excellence. While my family was offering prayers inside the temple I was at some corner zooming my lens to capture the intricacies of the monument; it left me in awe of minute details the architects had paid while carving each stone and chiseling mythological fables for us.

Below are the pictures of a temple called Rukmani Mandir which is located near Dwarka town of Gujarat. Rukmani was the wife of Lord Krishna but bound to a curse by a saint both Lord Krishna and Rukmani faced a separation of 12 years. She penanced for 12 years where now her temple is located away from the temple of Lord Krishna in Dwarka. For the reference I should tell you Dwarka is Hindu’s holy place, this is where Lord Krishna spent his 100 years of life.

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Reaching the Mountains

These pictures are from my trip to Leh (India) in 2011. They are bit crude as not taken from a DSLR. Leh is located in the Ladakh region of India at an altitude of about 12,000ft. Few years ago, it was one of the remote areas but after the surge in the trend of adventure travel, it now sees more tourists than ever. It took us 4 days to reach Leh from New Delhi. This post focuses on the variation of mountains I saw on my way to Leh.

Enroute to Leh, we crossed the Valley of Kashmir. Needless to mention, it is an epitome of natural bounty.


It was strange to see the arid mountains after arriving at such high altitude. And snow peak mountains were calling us!



The more we elevated, the more arid and barren it got. No gas station at sight or road for that matter. Just an open land and the sky.


And in the lap of these arid mountains hid a monastery. Splendid View.


After reaching Leh, we made our way to the highest motor able road in the world called Khardung La. And no wonder we saw snow!


It was infact so snowy that our SUV slipped, so we walked in the misty mountains like it was planned!


Crossing the snowy mountains, again we found desert mountains but this time with a wonderful view of Pangong Lake. Bliss.


I couldn’t come to the terms that I was not in paradise!