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Vintage ‘the went age’

We all are materialistic in life. No matter how many times we deny it but that’s what we are. We crave for new and better things in life be it gadgets, entertainment, clothes we want everything brand new. But there is also a truth that as we move progress in life, we start admiring and valuing old things more. The groovy sound of gramophone, discolored pages of old books, frayed old fashioned clothes, cacophony of an old guitar, screechiness of a tape recorder brings smile on our face. And suddenly these things become ‘vintage’ and are valued more today than in their original times.

I remember discarding all my old audio-cassettes while shifting places thinking what good it holds now as I use compact discs like everyone else, but now I desire to owe a collection of it just like an uncle of mine who owns a collection of vinyl records. Same goes with the old clothes, of course no point in keeping when you have outgrown them but it’s so difficult to get that old fashioned hipsters, granny knitted wool sweaters or gypsy dungarees. Not that I’m going to wear them in public but it’s just this penchant of collecting them as a treasure. When I watch black and white movies, I can’t stop myself from eulogizing everything about it, the background music of those times, the simplicity of the expressions etc. (at least this I can boast of, owing a collection of some best black and white movies). Nobody uses those archaic pocket watches these days but I’m sure there are certain people who keep it as their prized possessions.

I know few people who are always on a hunt of collecting things from earlier times. They say, it connects them with the age gone by and keeps them grounded as the new inventions don’t charm them enough. It’s a rapid market today full of new inventions and it is often too difficult to track. I’ve seen people switching their mobile phones so frequently, that they can’t even recall how many times they have done that. May be the next revolution will replace mobile phones with something unique (same way the mobile phones did with the hand-dialing telephones) and will make them vintage over the generations.

That’s the rule of life. New things taking over old things. But don’t stop appreciating old things, as they were new at sometime.