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Beyond opinions – an alternative view on unhealthy relationships

Not always you enjoy healthy relationships around you. Sometimes it gets really difficult to put up with people in such scenarios. Most of it is clearly because people don’t see beyond useless arguments. They can go on and on bickering about the issues without any logical conclusion. From what all I have seen and learnt as lessons, discord is not always due to difference in opinions, but there are countless reasons which we certainly overlook during frictions. I can pat myself for being a highly open-minded person who always looks beyond mere opinion differences.

I usually have altercations with my mom. Often I think, how can someone fight with me so much even knowing how much room I give to healthier ways of dealing with a problem. But anyway, so when there is an argument, I don’t just see it as a result of different point of view, but I am also ready to believe the biological side of it.  Females being a more emotionally vulnerable gender, clearly are synonyms to ‘Nagger’. Well, I am a female myself and not patronizing them (or us). Men term women as cranky, complaining, nagger which undeniably is all true, however, at times it is not under their control since they go through hormonal turbulence all their life in forms of mensuration, pregnancy, then menopause causing not only physical stress but mental too that vents out by picking up fights.

Well, it’s not only women, I have come across something as Male menopause too! Yes, do you see a lot of above 50, grumpy males around you who do not show happy signs, male menopause could definitely be one of the reasons. Like females, males also undergo subtle hormonal changes that makes them prone to irrational behavior.

Similarly, we often overlook other possibilities of belligerent or argumentative way of a person before tagging them as “not-meant-to-live- together”.  Ever heard of Bipolar disorder which causes mood variations?  Gone are the days when this was a disorder of rich and famous and lonely movie stars. A doctor once told me a ratio of bipolar disorder is 1:5 in India!. Many of my colleagues complain of erratic behavior of elders in their homes who knows that it is Bipolar to be blamed for all of this.

In short, when you observe a certain behavior of people like picking fights, constant badgering, coldness etc. It may have got to do with any of the above. So, before judging them at least give a thought on the biological side of it and find a solution. Else, just treat yourself with quarrels everyday.

A refresher on Dating

There has always been a lot of debate on what should be a perfect rule guide on dating.  People who do serial dating would know the protocol and specifics that are observed and followed while dating. But it is also a fact that sometimes no matter how much you read through dating books, follow the guidelines you still fail to appease your date. This is when you start blaming the other person for being insensitive or sort of aloof from reality. However I personally believe every person has intrinsic nature, if you understand that and customize your dating checklist, it would definitely help one going at least somewhere than no where.  Thanks to bloggers who put so much effort on gender studies and come up with bang on articles which focuses on how should you be behaving on intrinsic nature of people. I love reading these. Needless to say these articles are women centric. I not only identify myself in these articles but also these make me happy I feel I am not alone there are other quirkier females like me out there.

I came across this blogpost today shared by a friend and was completely surprised by the writer’s accurate psyche in understanding a female with travel instincts. I am sure females who share this trait would acknowledge every word of this article even men who have such women in their life. Read ‘Don’t date a girl who travels’ here – https://medium.com/better-humans/802c49b9141c

I am sure a lot of people must have read this wonderful article by Rosemarie Urquico.  It’s like bookmarked on my browser and I never get tired of reading it again and again.  An article that rightly defines a female bookworm. Read ‘Date a girl who reads’ here – http://www.novelr.com/2011/12/15/date-a-girl-who-reads

There are other articles that points out the opposite of above. You might want to look at ‘Don’t date a girl who reads‘ and ‘Date a girl who travels‘.

You can also share articles which gives a vivid description on intrinsic habits of men and women that can help to understand them better.

Just a thought

People say women are difficult. It’s impossible to understand their moods. It’s difficult to predict what they might like or hate. They are confused and clumsy. All true. I agree to all those allegations on females being the most complex creation of Almighty. But that is why they are special and not ordinary, isn’t it? I mean imagine the world without beautiful, chirpy and vivacious females. The men world would be gloomy and empty. But hang on, may be it’s not a male problem but females’ who howsoever independent and bold may become will always remain softies from heart and so there is a constant struggle between two opposite personalities. We are modern women but we still do not like to be taken granted, we still want pampering, we still want men to take care of us but of course in a limit.

I mean is it really that hard to read a woman or the men just don’t try hard? But just a piece of advice women may be little difficult to handle but they are delight if treated properly, so value your lady before she stops valuing you.