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Tuesday teaser

Book – Sliding on the snow stone; Page – 140

He pointed as the eastern horizon. It was rowing shades of red, orange and pink, and there were clouds above us, like giant balls of cotton. There were all racing away from the east as fast as they could.

‘It’s a war zone, You’ll never make it back home. All you can do is come with us, and then one day, when things have settled down, may be you’ll be able to return.’

I am so loaded with work that I am stuck on page 140 of this book.  The last I read are the lines above that contains self explaining intriguing plot. Sliding on the snow stone is written by Andy Szpuk and is a real account of a Ukrainian boy and his family during world war II. It is a heart wrenching display of terrors of Soviet and Nazi rule on small countries like Ukraine.

I have realized that it is not only difficult to keep up with your reading habit with your work but you have to really force yourself sometimes to pursue it. Beyond that I hate the fact that the emotions you build up while going through the most rough times of your characters, suddenly sublimes once you put a pause on reading.  And then it takes a while to revive those sentiments again.  I feel it is important to bring a certain type of emotion while you are reading a book, be it loathe, but if you are not bringing that, then I am afraid you arn’t doing justice to your book.

I hope  to do justice with this one !

A Letter from an Employee

Dear Boss,

This is to bring to your notice that I am dying. No, not with cancer but with the work load you’ve been bestowing on me. I may be one of your efficient employees but I have only one overused brain, a pair of hands and eyes each. Oh, by the way, my left eye couldn’t take the atrocities and has reddened temporarily and don’t even ask about the horrendous dark circles, they are just worsening day by day. All the endless work has made my brain an early receptor to dementia. I am glad to tell you that I’ve been meeting my project deadlines till now without fail by drudging 45 hours per week. Almost self sabotaging my social life. People run away from crabby me. I appreciate your efforts to make your employees happy (or less grumpy) with lunch parties at times but in reality it’s a bane (for a 25-year-old woman) more than a boon, as my inability to visit gym on working days is making me fat. Some more lunches and I’ll become a football. I am quite sure the alarming level of caffeine is running like a toxicant in my blood. Did I mention a couple of grey hair on my head, ah, never mind. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the outdoor activities the company was supposed to organize but didn’t, as you are busy making big bucks!

I, however thank my parents for still recognizing me and providing me night shelter and one time meal, for free. The day is not far when I’ll become a tenant in my own home and will be asked for rents. My dog doesn’t hold any expectations from me either as most of the times I am just sleep walking at home.

I kindly request you to figure out something effective before I turn into a complete ass. Lastly, I just wish I could send you this heart-rending letter in person.

Your soon-to-be lunatic employee