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Everyday life

IMAG1095_1I cross this path every evening while going to my gym.  I can’t remember if I have seen a tree there before, I think I must have. But it only came to my notice last night when I saw no tree but just a broken log of wood still rooted to the ground.  I am not really sure what happened to this tree.  Looking at the width of the log it seems it was a humongous tree that gave  shade to the nearby benches and cool breeze in scorching summer.  I am sure when it was a lush green tree everybody around had benefitted from it. Now it is just a Tree. Or rather was.

If you know what I mean conclude a metaphor on your own.

Missing Drama from Headlines

While reading today’s newspaper, a thought swinged my mind that how humdrum the headlines are made these days. Newspapers are full of headlines on same old debilitating economy, all time high corruption, routine politics and dazed celebrities. This makes me believe that some few years ago, the world was full of high melodrama and so were the newspaper headlines.  Lets sneak-peek into some dramatic captions that shook the world or atleast were worth grabbing a copy!






new york 001



newspaper image-cantheclutter

Even the classifieds of those times were worth reading –

TheCoventryRotary-old-newspaperlovely wine portland

Although I wouldn’t prefer to live in Hitler’s or India’s partition era.  I think, I would rather put up with the mundane headlines 😦