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Good Night Song :)

After slogging for the day I just wish to recline without any thought personal or national bothering me. As my eyelids become heavy, my ears wants to be receptive of something soothing.

Good Night People.  Enjoy the song here 🙂


Catching Creativity!!!

Catching Creativity!!!

Since the time I saw this picturesque piece of creation, couldn’t get it out of my head. So, I thought to share it. What do you think?

A Separation…

While you were sleeping,

I shushed,

And tossed around,

My eyes wide awake,

Stared darkness,

With me were the echoes,

Of your heavy breath,

You snored,

At the noises I made,

I sat, stood and laid again,

Gazing through the hole of the ring,

I recollected,

Times when we were awake,

We talked,

Laughed incessantly,

Tonight was not the same,

Loud silence,

And a deep chasm,

Nothing we could say,

Counting sleepless nights,

I remained awake,

I sighed,

Watching the glimmering sun,

I rose,

And cluttered my bag,

Leaving the things we shared,

I wiped tears,

At the door, I stand,

Paused, don’t know why,

And drifted morosely,

In your solemn sleep.