Season of bad haircuts..errr…


I am sure there are many women and men out there who grow hair hoping to get a nice celebrity like haircut that will make them stand out in the crowd as they flip their hair. I am not shy to accept I was following it since last 5-6 months. I had even researchedย  on trendy haircuts of 2013. Collected the pictures of celebrities with matching face shapes, height, body type, hair type etc. My excitement was on zenith when I used to think about the time I’ll finally go to the salon and get a desired haircut. So, the time came.

I was so impatient to get a haircut that I didn’t even wait for the weekend or to gather thoughts on pinning down the final haircut I would want to have but a faint image of a cool haircut. So last Friday evening I took an appointment with my hairdresser. I was his last appointment at 7.30 pm, he was all ready to go home but waited just for me. Sweet. Inadvertently I took the seat while he started the procedure. So when he asked me how do I want him to cut my hair, I gave him a long list of this and that, even showed some pics of my friends on Facebook. He gave me those thoughtful looks and analyzed and gave an honest opinion on what will ‘not’ suit me. Finally as usual I shrugged and said cut what you like. And like a person I am who believes in all goodness of this world I left it on him because I trusted him while I was torpidly going through the magazines. In between he did ask me if I wanted my hair only one inch short, I always knew I was weak in maths and said no even shorter. While he was all done giving it a last touch and drying my hair.. Ouch !!! It became too short than what I wanted with every strand dancing in different direction I was a mirror image to an Ostrich. As I was getting all paranoid he tried all fancy stuff to settle down my hair and it looked wowy with all that special effects.

After two days when I took a hair wash..yoohoo the Ostrich is back it never left just ducked its head in the sand. But you know what put me at ease when 3-4 people I know also got a bad haircut. Wicked :-). I believe it’s a season of bad haircuts. Good thing is hair grows. So will have to wait for a month to get a normal look until then thanks for inventing bobby pins and hairbands.


6 thoughts on “Season of bad haircuts..errr…”

  1. Woohoo! Somebody got a hair cut and I got bad hair cuts in the past, cursing the parlor guy. Thankfully, got some nice haircuts and my hair modeled on Amitabh Bachchan. Recently, went for spike with some colors for a change. It’s a good therapy. Btw, I love ur hair cut on ur profile and think you look soo pretty and attractive. I mean, I don’t know you perso but think it suits u, pretty lady:)

    1. Hmm spikes and color whoa I am not experimental like you ๐Ÿ™‚ ..My profile pic is from last year I used to love my hair back then but I can’t really help a lot with my hair …the texture keeps changing..:)

  2. Got a really bad haircut last evening at a franchise. I’ve always been skeptical of the quality in these places but it was suggested on a whim by my daughter who was more interested in getting her hair cut than I was mine. I looked at a couple of hairstyles in their books and picked a few aspects of one particular look that I was interested in. When I went in, the length of my hair with just below the shoulders and when I came out it was about an inch long in the back! And this was after explicit instructions what I didn’t want i.e., extremely short in the back. Once I realized what she was doing, I walked out not allowing her to finish and I didn’t stick around to pay. Now I have to fix it myself. At least there is the consolation that it will grow back.

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